How to Check WAEC Result 2022 | Check Your Result Without Scratch Cards

WAEC Result Checker 2022 | WAEC Result is out, and we will be discussing everything regarding how to check your result here on this portal. This Result article talks about WAEC 2022 results. It goes in-depth into knowing the different methods in checking your result, WAEC result release date, result portal, and the SMS for WAEC result.

The reason while we make out time to draft this guideline is to help all candidates have easy access to their WAEC Results.

Therefore, on this note, we are saying Congratulations on WAEC Result. WAEC is an acronym for the West African Examinations Council. WAEC Results are scores from the WAEC exam, which determines whether students have passed or failed their exams. In this post, we will discuss how to view and get your WAEC result, as well as what you can do when you get it.

Is WAEC Result 2022 Out

The WAEC examination board will be releasing WAEC results via the WAEC website. As a matter of fact, WAEC Result 2022 is NOT out yet and will be released once the script marking is finalized.

In addition, WAEC Result is a form of assessment used by the West African Examinations Council for secondary school students in anglophone countries in West Africa to standardize examinations across member states of The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

WAEC Exam Result Checker Portal

The WAEC Exam Result Checker Portal is a site that allows you to check WAEC exam results online. This makes it easy for students to see their WAEC exam result status without having to wait in line at an examination center. The WAEC Exam Result Checker Portal also provides detailed information about the WAEC exams, including results released date and tips on how to improve your grades in future examinations.

How To Check Your WAEC Result

There are different ways to check your WAEC results, and in this section, we shall be discussing these methods to help all candidates verify their results without being stressed out. All you have to do is follow every step outlined here.

  • Firstly, Checking WAEC Result Via SMS
  • Secondly, through Scratch Card.

How To Check WAEC Result Through SMS

This method looks easy and most times difficult for candidates to use. Do you want to check your WAEC result using this method? Then, follow the outlined steps here.

Also, this method is for candidates who do not have access to the internet. Even without the internet, you can still verify your WAEC result through the short message service (SMS). The good news is that you can check this result using your small phone, as long as there is a network provider such as  MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, or Airtel to verify your result. In order to achieve this, follow the steps below to check WAEC results via phone SMS;

NOTE: This service will cost N30 only for the SMS charge.

1st Step: Ensure you have a minimum of N30 in your phone line to access this service.

2nd Step: Navigate to a new message through your phone and type a message using the format highlighted below;

      • WAEC*YourExamNo*WAECPIN*YourExamYear
      • For example–: WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2020

3rd Step: Then, send typed SMS to the WAEC result checker short-code “32327″

Ensure you strictly follow the format mentioned above, as there should be no space while typing the message.

Once this is done, wait for the result to be revealed and sent to your phone through SMS.

How to Check WAEC Result Online Using Scratch Card

If you are waiting for your WAEC Result, then this is the post for you. How to check your WAEC Result Online Using Scratch Card has been a trending topic on social media in recent times, with many people eager to find out their results online. Here are some steps that will help guide you through checking your WAEC Result using a scratch card when it becomes available – just follow these simple steps and wait patiently.

  • Firstly, visit the 2022 WAEC official result checking portal through
  • Secondly, through the column provided, type your WAEC Examination Number.
  • Then, select your WAEC Examination Year. I.e. for WAEC 2022 result, choose 2022.
  • Most importantly, select your Examination Type. For May/June, select SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT.
  • Furthermore, type in your WAEC scratch Card Serial Number.
  • Type in the WAEC Card PIN.
  • Lastly, click on the “Submit” button and wait for your 2022 WAEC Result to display.

In Conclusion

The WAEC Electronic PIN can be obtained from WAEC’s National Office as well as any of its Zonal and Branch Offices throughout Nigeria. It may become accessible at any additional WAEC-approved shops from time to time. The price of the e-PIN has been reduced to N1,500.

Also, With the use of 1 (one) e-PIN, you may check your result up to 5 (five) times. After you’ve checked the results 5 (five) times, you’ll need to purchase another e-PIN, which will allow you to check the results 5 (five) more times.